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AOS Environmental Policy

AOS Environmental Policy

As a leading Renewable Technology Installer AOS are passionate about following sustainable working practices within our own business.
These procedures are essential to help reduce the effects of climate change and we are constantly working on ways to cut our greenhouse gas emissions and therefore reduce our companies Carbon Footprint.
Listed below are some key environmental focuses that AOS have identified as a company along with the ways in which we are striving to achieve continual improvement in these areas.

We provide digital quotes, certificates, servicing checklist, invoices, and work reports all digitally, only printing where absolutely necessary.

AOS are fully committed to recycle, re-purpose, re-work and re-use any waste or materials wherever possible and subject to these materials meeting AOS's stringent safety criteria.
We offer customers the option, where appropriate, the use of re- conditioned, re- used and re-tested parts and materials.
We only use recycled or recyclable materials such as paper and only as a last resort.
We also have implemented an office recycling scheme for paper, plastics, glass, and food waste, we also use local recycling centres for other materials such as clothes and carrier bags.
We recycle all our paper and cardboard packaging, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubble, bricks, hard-core, we also recover refrigerant and compressor oil.
We demonstrate safe and environmentally efficient disposal of waste, using government approved recovery and recycling treatment centres for decommission of hazardous materials such as old boilers, air source heat pumps and parts.

Operational impact
We reduce the day-to-day impact of our business operations by taking measures such as setting indoor office temperatures to a maximum of 19°c for heating and 22°c for cooling.
We encourage staff to be aware of the energy they use and to turn off electrical components and appliances at the end of a working day, other than those needed for safety and security such as fire alarms or CCTV. We only use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances.

As part of our vehicle policy, our vehicles are never to be left idle, we also undertake efficient planning of engineer's diaries to reduce road miles. We carry sufficient common stock items on vehicles to maximise chances of a one visit fix and reduce miles of both materials/parts collection and a second visit.
All of our vehicles have stop and start ignition facilities built in.
All of our vehicles are tracked and monitored to maintain emission friendly driving.

Environmental Waste Removal Policy

AOS are fully committed to preventing harm to the environment by reducing risks related to our activities and monitoring environmental performances to achieve continual improvement.

All businesses produce waste therefore each company has a legal responsibility to ensure they store, transport and dispose of all business waste without harming the environment.

This is called Duty of Care (DoC) and makes up part of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Section 34) and the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.

As part of these regulations AOS must ensure that we store our waste securely so that it does not escape (tie up bags, flatten boxes, close bin lids).

We also must ensure that waste is transported by an authorised business and a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) is completed for every transfer of waste or for a specified time period.

Anyone who takes waste (regardless of whether they created it) from a customer's site needs to have a waste carrier license from the Environment Agency.

AOS carry this required waste license and therefore must solely be responsible for removing all redundant materials from site.

As a business we are also insured to transport waste in our vehicles. Standard commercial vehicle insurance does not cover waste removal and so again it is important that waste is only transported by AOS.

Last updated: August 2023