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Central Heating

Central Heating That Meets Our Standards And Your Needs

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From the moment you contact us, you'll know what's happening and how the work you need is to be carried out. At every step of the process - from the quotation appointment through to the final visit to install your new system - we'll keep you fully informed.

We'll ensure your new central heating system matches your needs exactly. Our engineers will complete a full survey of your property before giving you a quotation. Only when we understand the particulars of your home and listening to any specific requirements you may have can we then recommend the right system for you. We pride ourselves on the fact that we invariably get this right.

The Job's Done When You Say It's Done

Before an installation is considered complete, our engineers will make sure you know how it all works. That means we'll show you how to use the controls, how to set the timer, how to top up pressure, and just about anything else you need or want to know. Only when you feel happy do we consider the job done. You'll also get a folder containing the details of your 5 year warranty, a set of manufacturer's user instructions, and - most important of all - our contact details.

After the installation, we'll ask you to fill in a short Customer Quality Feedback Questionnaire. This gives you the chance to let us know what you think of our work and service. It also lets us monitor the service we provide to customers and react quickly when there are any issues.

Chemical Power Flushing

It may sound like something from a caravan park toilet block but ensuring your existing heating system is chemically flushed periodically can add new life to your system. It helps restore temperatures to radiators, reduces boiler noise, and brings back reliability to your heating system. Best of all, it's likely to reduce your fuel costs by between 15% and 30%.

We use the Sentinel Chemical Power Flush and the MagnaClean Magnetic Filter. Why? Simply because they're the best proucts we've come across in our many years of doing this work.

The Sentinel Jet Flush machine is designed for de-scaling and removing sludge from boilers and full central heating systems. It's a straightforward that consists of flushing the system with chemicals to break down and remove iron oxide sludge.

Then the MagnaClean Magnetic Filter goes to work. The MagnaClean draws in debris and sludge - full of metal and, therefore, magnetic - which can then be physically removed from the system.

To finish, we neutralise the chemicals and add inhibitor to the heating system to prevent such a quick build up of sludge again.

Whenever a new boiler is installed, it is now manadtory for heating systems to be flushed in order to comply with the manufacturer's instructions and British Benchmark Standards. Our process meets and exceeds British Standard 7593.

Central Heating Controls

With your new Energy Efficient boiler or heating system, it's important to have close control of both timing and temperature.

We use Danfoss Randall controls. Their products have been tested rigorously at every step of the manufacturing process and this gives you - and us - peace of mind that only products as near flawless as possible are fitted onto your system.

Whatever system you choose, we'll tailor a controls package that's compatible and gives you quick and easy access for making the timing and temperature changes you want, when you want.


The Stelrad range of radiators we supply have all the features you expect from a market leader. There is also a lifestyle range that gives you a choice of contemporary, design, and classic column radiators. For bathrooms, you can also choose from a range of towel warmers.

We fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves on all your radiators, so they comply with Energy Efficiency requirements.

Insure yourself against loss of heating at crucial times

With AOS AtHome Service Cover, we're on hand 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to respond to heating problems - all for the low price of £16.40 per month.

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