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Why your home might not stay as warm as it used to?

Why your home might not stay as warm as it used to?

Tuesday 20th August 2019

If your home no longer stays as warm as it used to, then things can get pretty uncomfortable pretty fast. And that's before you even consider that this could be the prelude to a total boiler breakdown!

Where lost heat is concerned, you obviously want to think about external factors first. After all, gaps, single-glazed windows and faulty draught excluders are all some of the worst culprits for lost heat. If you're sure these issues aren't to blame, though, you'll want to look a little closer to your central heating itself by considering potential issues including -

Boiler malfunctions

Boilers themselves aren't bombproof, and issues here are guaranteed to trickle into your heating capabilities. Some of the primary problems with boilers include -
• Inefficiency due to excessive wear
• Faulty parts (mainly pumps and valves)
• Performance problems due to overuse

Each of these can result in an unsafe boiler setup, and a significant risk of breakdown if you don't turn to the professionals for repair sooner rather than later.

Radiator problems

Radiators can also be prime no-heat culprits, with everything from clogging to leaks preventing heat from spreading. It may be that you notice your radiator is only hot in certain areas, or perhaps it fails to heat up at all.

Again, experts are your best bet for overcoming this problem, as they'll be able to inspect not only the issue but also its source. And that's the best chance you have at enjoying heat again in no time.