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What to Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze?

What to Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze?

Friday 19th June 2020

The ideal approach to dealing with freezing pipes is to anticipate the issue when winter approaches. However, when the unthinkable occurs, you will need to act quickly to limit the extent of damages and reduce the cost of fixing. Although it's safer to refer to a professional, you can keep these tips in mind to thaw your frozen water pipes and avoid extensive damage. Here is what to do.
1. The first step is to keep your tap open to allow the melting water to pass. When you begin the thawing process, the water and steam generated will require an opening to allow discharge. Doing this would prevent a leak from occurring.

2. Apply heat to the frozen pipe by wrapping an electronic heating pad around it. You can also use towels soaked in hot water. When you are using an electronic heating pad, never leave it unattended to avoid any fire outbreak.

3. Keep applying the heat until the water starts flowing like normal. After effectively defrosting your pipe, turn on the faucets in your home to check for any other frozen water pipes.

4. Frozen pipes behind the walls can be difficult to melt and may require expert help to repair. However, to offer an immediate solution, you can increase the temperature in your home to make it warmer for pipes to thaw till help arrives eventually.

5. Avoid using kerosene or propane heaters or a blowtorch to defrost your pipes. Avoiding these will save you from any unwarranted fire hazards.