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Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

Wednesday 15th June 2022

If you are looking for a better way to heat your home, you might want to consider having an air source heat pump installed. This is an increasingly common form of heating in the UK and beyond, and with good reason as you are about to see. But first, what exactly is an air source heat pump anyway?

What Is an Air Source Heat Pump?
An air source heat pump is a highly efficient way of heating a home. The device essentially extracts heat from the air outside the home and uses it to heat the interior of the home. It has a fan that sucks in the exterior air and this air is then blown over the refrigerant-filled tubes, thus being warmed by the air.

What Are the Benefits of An Air Source Heat Pump?
So why might you want to choose an air source heat pump over other heating options? Well, one reason is that it is a much more environmentally friendly option than many other heating options. They are also cheaper to run than many alternatives, and they can be used in every type of home, so you can have it installed no matter what.

Plus, it tends to take up less space compared to more traditional heating systems, saving you a lot of space for something else.

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