What are Heat Pumps?

An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. the system extracts heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15° C. Heat pumps require electricity to run, but the heat they extract from the air is constantly being renewed naturally.
Heat pumps come with multiple advantages for your home. Pumping the heat uses less electricity as compared to when electricity is solely used to convert it. During the summers, the cycle can be reversed and the unit acts like an air conditioner.
Heat pumps are rising in popularity in the UK, and the government recently started to implement a number of new schemes, incentivising the transition to green living and alternative energy usage smoother and more affordable.
By combining heat pumps with solar panels, you can make your home self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Properly designed and installed heat pumps can be worth it, by regularly attain more than 300 per cent efficiency.
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